Windsurf In The City

» Surf, Sun and Sand…
» Only seconds from the city!
» Located at Cherry Beach, Toronto

TWC Youth Camp

» Week Long Windsurfing Day Camps
» Ages 12+ July through August
» Fun for kids - Convenient for Parents

Youth Racing Program

» Ages 8 - 18
» Professional Instruction
» Beginner to Olympian Progression

Wednesday Night Racing

» FREE public races every Wednesday evening
» May through September
» Apres race Beach BBQ every week


All the luxuries any surfer needs.


Club House

The TWC club house is a large Nissan hut located at the center ot the launch area. It has a semi patio on the lake side and is flanked by parking spaces. There are two changing rooms. The facilities include a refrigerator, gas barbecue and water. The main area serves as a classroom, meeting hall and has a number o-circular notice boards providing members with information. The club houses the TWC VHF radio station (only members with a VHF marine licence are permitted to use the main station). There is also a telephone for local calls. The telephone of the Harbour Police is clearly displayed. This number is used to rescue a member in trouble when the club boat is not available.  Members are provided with a key to the clubhouse.


Equipment Storage

There are a number of trailers outfitted for member's sailboard storage. Rental of storage spaces is on a year-to-year basis and a club-fee is charged. In each rental space there is room for the board, mast, sails and boom. The trailers have unique locks Members who have been allocated spaces in the trailer are provided with a special key. Members are responsible for closing and locking their trailers when they leave the club at the end of the day. The members still sailing have their own keys.



There are ample 'member only' parking spaces for normal sailing days.  Members are required to place their parking ids on their dashboards. The parking area is located to the East and North and West of the clubhouse. Overflow parking is located on Regatta Road at the entrance to the club. Overflow parking is sometimes needed when the club runs special events.



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The main eco-friendly washroom is located to the North of the clubhouse and is for members only. Members are supplied with a key. There are also public washrooms just North of the Clubhouse across the soccer fields. Additional portables are brought in for special events.



The club has a barbecue which is used primarily on Wednesday nights during the Wednesday night racing season and for special events. Members wishing to use this facilities for personal use may do so and, on request, will be shown how the system works.


Change Rooms

The two changing rooms are located in the clubhouse on the North East end. There are a limited number of lockers available on a first come first served basis.



The TWC windsurfing school is one of the key facilities. There is equipment for beginners that is rented to those taking lessons. This equipment includes boards, sails, masts and booms; wet suits, booties and life-jackets. This is kept in the TWC instruction trailer next to the boat trailer.


Scout Boat

The TWC boat is used for three primary purposes. Firstly when it is not being used in an official capacity it is the Clubs rescue boat. Secondly the boat is used by the TWC windsurfing school. Thirdly on Wednesday nights from 5.00pm to 8.00pm the boat is the club's committee boat for the Wednesday night racing and is not available for rescue duties while acting in this capacity. The harbour police (the club has the number posted) are to be called if help is needed during these Wednesday night three hours. The boat is also used during special events. Drivers of the boat are required to have a small craft certificate and a Toronto Harbour licence. The club arranges annual training sessions to enable members to become qualified.

Youth Windsurfing Camp

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Adult Windsurfing Lessons

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TWC Weather Station



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