Tips on Going Fast

  1. Finding flat water without waves or chop is really important. The water will be flat if the wind does not have a long “fetch”; that is, it isn’t going over a lot of open water before it gets to you (like a nor’wester on Lake Huron or Georgian Bay).  An ideal spot is behind a sandbar or other low land that doesn’t much interfere with the wind but knocks down all of the waves.  The water at Cherry is reasonably flat on any wind coming from the east, since there isn’t much time for waves to form after the wind comes over the Leslie Street Spit.  One of the best spots in Ontario for flat water, if you don’t mind driving a couple of hours, is Varty Lake  (GPS coordinates 44o23’26.75”N 76o48’41.03”W).  It doesn’t much form waves because it is very shallow and the bottom is muddy (which absorbs most of the wave energy).  Just make sure you take a weed fin.
  1. The fastest point of sail is 120o off the wind (or 30o off a beam reach).
  1. The fin is just as important as the sail. It shouldn’t be too long or fat to keep the water resistance low (racing fins are best).
  1. For more tips on going fast, see (although the various references found there are a bit out of date).

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