GPS Units

Here are two good GPS options:

  1. Canmore G-PORTER (model number GP-102+): inexpensive unit that shows maximum speed and which is very small (so it will easily fit into the waterproof carrying cases noted above). You can buy it at (amongst other places) Here is the link to the G-PORTER instruction manual. A nice bonus is to have your trip information downloadable to your computer. This supplies useful information insofar as you can analyze your sailing session and see exactly when and where you went the fastest. Unfortunately, the G-PORTER doesn’t do this.
  2. Locosytech GW-60: Sailors from around the world post their best 10-second runs (actually, the average of their best 5 runs in a single day) on the GPS SPEEDSURFING site. The only unit that the GPS Speedsurfing folks accept for posting runs is the Locosytech GW-60 (the previous units that were cheaper, the BGT-31 and the GX-52, are no longer being manufactured). The GPS Speedsurfing people like the GW-60 not only because it is highly accurate, but because you can download the data and send it to a data checker who can verify the speed (which is actually more important that it seems, since many GPS units will occasionally display spurious maximum speeds, especially when the sailor falls in the water and the satellite coverage is discontinuous). The GW-60 can be had for CAN $270 at Since it is a watch, you don’t need to buy an additional waterproof carrying case.

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