Speed Sailing Trophies 2018


  1. Fastest Speed Overall: Jeff MacIntosh (30.1 knots)
  2. Fastest Speed at Cherry Beach: Jeff MacIntosh (30.1 knots)
  3. Fastest Speed Out of Country: Jeff Martin (Hatteras, 27.25 knots)
  4. Fastest Longboard Speed: Jeff Martin (Kona, 24.4 knots)

 INDIVIDUAL TROPHIES (awarded on a one-time basis to sailors who top 20 knots, 25 knots, and 30 knots, for both short board and long board)

  1. Jeff Martin: Longboard, over 20 knots
  2. Richard Chen: Longboard, over 20 knots

NOTE: This year there is no trophy for the fastest speed on a foil.  However, we are working on that for next year.

ANOTHER NOTE: For next year, there is a good likelihood that we will have Club-owned GPS units to make it easier for folks to do a little speed sailing. We need to get more people involved!

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