Speed Sailing



So, you were sailing really fast huh?

Seemed like you were going almost as fast as Antoine Albeau's record 52.05 knots?  Well, here's a chance to see how your speed stacked up against speedy sailors from TWC.

Wait for a windy day, set your GPS to record max. speed in knots, engage your hyper-drive, and email your results (Speed in knots, Sailor name, Date/Location/Wind, Board/Sail/Fin, Verification [TWC Board Member, TWC member, friend you paid or no verification]) to Jeff MacIntosh at the club.

We're not intending this be  global in scope and will only post results from members or friends of TWC. Our intention is to encourage and motivate members and friends to participate in friendly competition against each other and to improve their individual speed sailing.

We'll update the Speed Sailing page by posting results submitted on the Speed Sailing page ASAP after they have been submitted.

At the end of each season (end of October), we'll award:

  • Individual awards to TWC members who achieve the 20, 25, 30+ knot levels noted on the Speed Sailing ladder (These are Lifetime Achievement Awards… you only get each level once, not once each year!)
  • Fastest Member Speed at TWC Trophy
  • Fastest Member Speed in Ontario (Christopher Hope TWC Ontario Speed Sailing Cup)
  • Fastest Member Speed Outside Ontario Trophy
  • Fastest Member Longboard Speed (with centreboard and over 330cm in length)

Lots to go for!

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