Several  TWC events require boat drivers. We currently need to qualify more boat drivers for our 2 power boats. Port Toronto ( used to be Toronto port Authority) requires a TPA license. for all power boat operators in the Outer Harbor and inner harbor. If you are interested in helping our with boat operations at our club events and want to get qualified please send Mike Tindall an e mail at : Mike will organize  a special TPA course at the club one evening. The $30 fee will be covered by the TWC, provided you help out at events at the club by operating a power boat. People with experience operating a power boat would be preferred, however if you have never operated a boat and would like to learn an additional evening training  session will be provided before the TPA course./test. Please let Mike know ASAP as we would like to organize the course before the end of June.


Let’s face it. There are few things more important in life than knowing where it’s blowing, what direction it’s blowing in, and how hard it’s blowing.  Yes, we love Cherry Beach.  But sometimes the sailing is elsewhere.  There are loads of websites that can help you find out where.


There is, of course, iWindsurf (see You can pay $10 per month for the premium version of iWindsurf (which gives you meteorologist forecasts) or $4 per month for their computer model forecasts.  Some people balk at paying for wind data and forecasts, but consider how much your time is worth.  If iWindsurf helps you avoid blowing even one day looking for wind in the wrong place (with apologies for choice of metaphor), that pretty much pays for the cost of the service.

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Many members help the club by purchasing items such as food, gas, etc. and this is encouraged! If you make a purchase on the club's behalf, the best way to get reimbursed is to send an email to with:

  • a scan or pictures your receipts;
  • your name (this will appear on cheque);
  • the address you want cheque mailed to (the address in our database will be used if no address is given);
  • what the purchase was for; and
  • board member who approved purchase (applicable for large purchases, not necessary for minor items).

During the racing season, most requests for payment received on Sunday will be processed and then signed Wednesday at the race. If you are present we will give your cheque to you, otherwise it will go in the mail Thursday.  Please note that occasionally circumstances beyond our control will delay the cheque until the following week.

Sail: CAN 31
Club: Toronto Windsurfing Club
For as long as I can remember I have loved competitive sports. I have always been an avid endurance athlete competing in countless swimming competitions, Cross country races and Triathlons. In the summer of 2012 my friend and I were looking for something to do and we stumbled upon the Toronto Windsurfing Club. Ever since that day I haven’t been able to get enough of this amazing sport! Despite having little to no previous knowledge of sailing I picked up the basics fairly quickly and by the end of the summer I had purchased my own equipment. In late 2013 my interests had steered towards racing which eventually lead me to starting on the Bic Techno 293. My first regatta was in March of 2014 which went amazingly well! I spent the majority of my summer on the water, when I wasn’t racing I was either training or teaching Learn to Windsurf classes at TWC. I ended the year placing 1st in the Ontario Sailing Association’s Race Series as a Bic Youth competitor.

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Thank you to TWC Member, Carla van der Kleij, for submitting a short video edited by her nephew Jeff, capturing some great footage of some rare 5.5 sailing conditions at the club this season. Additional thanks to Yo Vanderkley's (Carla's sister/singer/songwriter) for the audio and Barry Holtzkener for recording the footage.

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